Salize programming is designed to fit individual needs and abilities.

To help residents feel at home at their cognitive level, Salize provides personalized care based on their level of needs and stage of dementia.

Early-Stage Dementia: Tailored to the needs of people experiencing mild or early-stage memory challenges, Salize incorporates committee meetings, brain games and puzzles, mindfulness training, volunteerism and individualized learning that support self-esteem, self-awareness and confidence.

Mid-Stage Dementia: Expertly adapted for people with moderate or mid-stage dementia, Salize seeks to enrich lives through the creative arts, exercise groups and a wide variety of clubs, classes and committees.

Late Stage Dementia: Engages participants in a sensory-rich program designed to meet the needs of people in the severe or later stages of dementia. Salize features individualized therapeutic spa programs, as well as interactive art and photo viewings aimed at energizing and generating reminiscence.

Salize is an innovative memory support program that has been shown to reduce common symptoms associated with dementia without the need for strong pharmaceutical prescriptions.

Non-Residential Programs

The Salize Transition Program: The Salize Transition Program is a gentle introduction to help residents become comfortable with the community through a series of short visits, social activities, classes and meals. During a period of several weeks to several months, residents ease into the Salize lifestyle and get to know our staff, programs other residents first-hand.

Short-Term Stays: Our short-term memory support option gives caretakers time to catch up on chores, take care of themselves and travel. Whether it’s for just for few days or a longer vacation with friends and family, Salize is here for you. And it costs about the same as a stay at a luxury hotel!

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