Why Salize?

We address the main emotions of dementia.

How we successfully manage aggression, agitation, anxiety and apathy—without drugs.

Salize successfully addresses the emotions of aggression, agitation, anxiety and apathy that can accompany dementia. A person’s living environment plays a strong role in either mitigating or exacerbating these emotions.
A lack of personal choice, meaningful engagement, freedom, and familiar places can amplify negative feelings and unsettling behaviors. For many memory care communities, this leads to a greater reliance on pharmacological interventions, which can result in overprescribing medications to relieve symptoms and control residents.
Our Salize program eliminates or greatly reduces the need for mood altering drugs in most cases. This not only improves wellbeing, confidence and quality of life for individual residents, but it creates more harmonious relationships with friends and family members.


While our program is expertly grounded in clinical studies, interventions and highly trained personnel, Salize itself does not feel clinical. In fact, the clinical care aspects of the program itself are made to be practically invisible to our residents.

While many memory support communities look like institutional facilities that treat residents like “patients”, Salize is nested within the elegantly designed Avanti Living community, which has been carefully designed by experts in the assisted living industry. Salize team members wear professional and stylish uniforms, not medical scrubs or street clothing.

In fact, Salize memory support is practically indistinguishable from the rest of the Avanti community, so residents feel at home, appreciated and respected. To learn more about Avanti Senior Living, refer to our brochure or visit our website at www.Avanti-SL.com.


No one person experiences dementia the same way. Therefore, we customize our approach to create a memory support program that honors individual choice and dignity. Residents choose when they get up in the morning, which clothes to wear, and what to eat during mealtimes. They can also choose to join in on group activities or pursue solo engagements.

Each staff member undergoes extensive training to help guide empowering daily choices. Moreover, care partners keep detailed notes on each resident describing their likes, dislikes, moods, interests and state of mind. These personality profiles allow our care partners to tailor individual experiences while delivering an unprecedented continuity of care for each resident.

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